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Important Masoor Dal Face Pack for shining ski

Milk & Massa Le Dahr Face pack for skin peeling


Spoon of masoor dal
Several drops of milk

Mix the tablespoon of Masoor Dal with coarse powder in a mixer
Now add a few drops of milk to make a coarse paste
Massage face and neck part clockwise for 10-15 minutes and start scrubbing with paste
Wash with hot water
Repeat this process at least once a week for best results.
Lemon skin and Massa le Dahl face pack for all skin types
This face mask for shining skin is very easy to manufacture and store. Lemon exerts the best effect with all skin types, removes all kinds of harmful impurities and toxins, and expresses fresh and radiant skin.

Lemon skin and Massa le Dahl face pack for all skin types


2 tablespoons of masoor dal
Lemon skins
A few drops of lemon juice

Mix Masoor Dal 2 tablespoons with a mixer Make a thick paste by adding lemon peel and a few drops of lemon juice which are pulverized.
Massage gently in a circular movement for 5 to 10 minutes and paste it on the face
Please leave it on your face for 20-25 minutes and then rinse with cool water later
Do not forget to repeat the process at least once a week to get the results you need
Skin care effect of Masoor Dal
Masoor Dal is a well-known ingredient that makes your skin rejuvenate, looks perfect and young. The made skin exfoliating agent also helps to remove facial hair and give uniform color to the skin. There are many other advantages of this amazing common ingredient you need to know:

To clean the skin
It is one of the best ingredients for all skin types and contains essential proteins, vitamins and minerals. Mask doll mask, mask, scrub, cleanse the skin from inside and inside.

To make the skin white
Masoor Dal also works as an effective and powerful bleaching agent, keeping the natural skin at another level. It helps clear wounds and speckles and alleviate pigmentation prominently.

Remove dead skin cells
Removal of dead skin cells is very important for new things to maintain healthy skin. Masco ads naturally exfoliate and eliminate dead skin cells without side effects.

Improve texture
Masoda Dahl improves the texture of the skin by drying and dulling the skin. It moisturizes and moisturizes the skin from the inside.

There are some tips to follow when using masoor dal face pack for shining skin.

Masoor Dal is used to remove black head and white head, please do not use everyday. Essential oils can be removed from the skin at least once a week
Masoda Dahl can dry the skin very easily, so please use it once a week and moisturize the skin
Do not use Masoor Dal if you have skin rash or allergy.
If there are side effects, please consult a dermatologist

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